Dhansiri EcoCamp ( Kaziranga )

Assam  (Assamese Pronunciation : অসম Ôxôm), located in the Northeast part of India. It is a land of blue hills, green mountains, mighty river Brahmaputra and its tributaries. Rich forest resources, wild life with distinct culture and ethos. It is the richest state in terms of forest resources. Prominently spread over  78438 sq km moderately populated having population of 26,655,528 to be precise.

Dhansiri EcoCamp is situated at the confluence point of river dhansiri and mighty river Brahmaputra in Assam, near Kaziranga National Park.

Tourists’  Delights

  • Eco Friendly Atmosphere

An eco friendly atmosphere with total comfort in broad wilderness with fresh natural air, greenery, healthy food and pure water. Dhansiri Eco Camp is equipped with Eco Friendly suites, cottages and tents made of bamboos and thatch and with handcrafted interior.

  • Comfort with  Leisure under the open sky

Large open space near the kitchen where people can sit and enjoy their food with relaxing tables and chairs. Counting of uncountable stars during dark nights is another fascinating and enjoyable feature which is a big attraction as well as a pleasant experience for the  visitors.

  • Panoramic Views of Kaziranga

EcoSuite and cottages were built in a traditional Mishíng* way (Assamese: মিছিং) up from the ground level to keep safe from the cascading water of Brahmaputra river during rainy season. One can have the panoramic view of nearby areas with lush green expanse of kaziranga.

  • Bio-Efficient Plant

With aim to create an Eco friendly environment, consumption of commercial electricity is minimized by using Solar energy. Non Chemical plant for Drinking Water purification is installed at the Camp ensuring the hygiene for the tourists .